By accessing, using, and exploiting information on the website (“Website”) on which the Website Terms of Use or any link leading to these Website Terms of Use appear, have understood, and agree to all terms described below “Website Terms of Use”. Therefore, to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please carefully review these Terms of Use before accessing, using, exploiting information as well as providing any of your personal data at the Website.

These Terms of Use are issued by Chan Tin Nghia Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “CTN Law”). The following is the entire content of the terms and conditions of CTN Law’s Terms of Use.

  2. Terms of general transaction

All content on the Website is for the sole purpose of providing information about the legal services of CTN Law. CTN Law does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information on the Website due to many reasons such as changes in law, errors of service providers for CTN Law, technical errors, typographical errors, and information that are no longer topical. All information on the Website does not constitute any legal advice of CTN Law and CTN Law recommends that the User should not use the information on the Website as legal advice.

This website does not create an attorney-client relationship between CTN Law or an attorney of CTN Law and the User. CTN Law will not be the representative of the User until CTN Law verifies that there is no conflict of interest and there is an official agreement between CTN Law and the User. Any communication before CTN Law and the client have a formal service agreement does not constitute consultation of CTN Law. In any case, when there is a need to use the service, the User should directly contact an attorney of CTN Law to discuss specifically and consider using the service of CTN Law. Contacting to CTN Law is encouraged using email, however, in case the User sends sensitive or confidential information to CTN Law, it is advisable to discuss in advance about appropriate measures to send the message.

Service fees are built based on the agreement between the client and CTN Law by the legal service contract. CTN Law does not collect any other fees, other than the service fee agreed with the client in the legal service contract signed by the two parties.

  1. Terms of intellectual property rights

The Subject Matter of intellectual property rights within the scope of these Terms of Intellectual Property Rights is understood as all content including but not limited to website interfaces, graphic designs, software programs, codes, trademarks, brand, logos, graphics, articles, texts, images, sounds, music, videos, comments, information, …. posted by CTN Law on the Website itself or any other social networking site, app or promotion channel including but not limited to, Instagram, Twitter… including content authored by CTN Law or any other third-party author.

CTN Law is the lawful owner of the aforementioned Subject Matter of Intellectual Property Rights, and these objects are protected in accordance with the provisions of the law on intellectual property and other provisions of law.

Users have the right to refer to the content and information on the Website but must cite the source as well as keep the link to the original document to ensure the intellectual property rights of CTN Law. All user’s behaviors include but are not limited to the use of copying, quoting, partial or total republishing, distribution, circulation, editing, translation, compilation… all or a part of the contents on CTN Law for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the prior written consent of CTN Law is considered an infringement of the law on intellectual property rights, except for the copying of legal forms and newsletters from the website.

CTN Law has the right to request the violator to immediately terminate the violation and compensate for damages under the law. The User undertakes not to commit any acts to disable or infringe on the security features, functions of preventing, prohibiting the use, and copying of CTN Law on the Website, social networking sites, applications, or other promotional channels that CTN Law manages.

  1. Provisions on customer information privacy policy

3.1. Objectives of The Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is issued by CTN Law to help Users understand:

  • How CTN Law collects Users’ personal information;
  • User’s information collected by CTN Law;
  • Purpose of collection and scope of use of personal information of Users;
  • Time to store Users’ personal information;
  • CTN Law’s commitment to the confidentiality of Users’ personal information;
  • User’s rights to his/her personal information;
  • User’s obligations for his/her personal information;
  • Privacy Policy validity;
  • CTN Law’s contact information.

3.2. How CTN Law collects personal information of Users

3.2.1. When registering to use the services of CTN Law

  • When registering for CTN Law services, Users will be required to provide certain personal information to authenticate their identity under applicable law.
  • The User must provide and consent to CTN Law to process any personal information requested by CTN Law marked as “Mandatory Information”. If the User does not agree to provide this personal information and/or does not consent to CTN Law’s processing of the information as provided in this Privacy Policy, CTN Law will be unable to provide the relevant services and the User’s registration of services shall be rejected.

3.2.2. From the using of CTN Law’s services

CTN Law collects personal information directly from the User when the User decides to participate in any CTN Law’s services.

3.3. User information collected by CTN Law

3.3.1. Personal information that CTN Law collects directly from the User, herein:

  1. The User’s full name;
  2. The User’s mobile phone number;
  3. The User’s email address.

3.3.2. If the User wants to use the relevant services of CTN Law and sends the information in Section 3.3.1 above to CTN Law, CTN Law will provide the relevant services to the User.

3.3.3. If the User does not want CTN Law to process the User’s personal information in Section 3.3.1 above. In this case, CTN Law will not be able to provide the relevant services to the User.

3.4. Purpose of collection and scope of use of User’s personal information.

The following are reasons for collecting and scopes of using the information in Section 3 of this Privacy Policy:

  • Identify the User’s identity;
  • Provide one of the CTN Law’s services that the User has requested;
  • Operate and manage the services provided by CTN Law to User;
  • Contact with the User regarding issues are related to the use of CTN Law’s services;
  • Handling of the requests in the process of using CTN Law’s services that the user has requested;
  • Investigate and settle complaints or other inquiries submitted by the user to CTN Law related to The CTN Law’s services;
  • Supervise and improve the performance of The CTN Law’s services;
  • Maintain and expand on the CTN Law’s services;
  • Discover and prevent fraudulent, cheating, and illegal activities.

3.5. Personal User’s information retention time

3.5.1. CTN Law will store the User’s personal information for the necessary period to meet the purposes as prescribed by Section 3.4.

3.5.2. After terminating or disabling the User’s account, CTN Law, its branches or Service Providers may retain the User’s personal information for a commercially reasonable period to backup archiving and/or inspection according to the laws of Vietnam.

3.6. CTN Law’s commitment to the confidentiality of User’s personal information

3.6.1. CTN Law commits to protecting the privacy of the User’s personal information.

3.6.2. CTN Law has appropriate technical, administrative, and physical processes in place to combat loss, theft and abuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction of information.

3.6.3. However, no method of transmission through the Internet or electronically stored method is 100% secure (one hundred percent). Therefore, CTN Law cannot guarantee absolute safety.

3.7. Right of the User with its personal information.

3.7.1. Send a request to CTN Law to stop immediately the processing and use of the User’s personal information submitted to CTN Law previously by contacting directly with CTN Law through the contact information specified in this Privacy Policy.

3.7.2. Having the right to self-examine, update, adjust or cancel your personal information by contacting CTN Law directly through the contact information provided for in this Privacy Policy.

3.7.3. Having the right to send a complaint about the confidential content of personal information by contacting CTN Law. When receiving feedback, CTN Law shall confirm the information, in the case that the User reflects correctly, depending on the level CTN Law shall have measures timely.

3.8. The obligation of the User for his/her personal information

3.8.1. The User is responsible for providing CTN Law with the User’s information and personal information of any person who User provides to CTN Law in an accurate, non-confusing, complete, and latest manner.

3.8.2. If the User needs to provide someone’s personal information to CTN Law which is not the User’s information (e.g., the User’s representative, introducer, or guarantor). In this case, the User should notify these persons of the provision of their personal information to CTN Law in advance, to secure their consent for the provision of information and instruct them about the Website address so that they can learn this Privacy Policy on their own (in the Privacy Policy section of the CTN Law’s website).

3.9. Mechanism for receiving and resolving User’s complaints relating to misuse of personal information or the extent notified.

3.9.1. When detecting that his/her personal information has been misused or the extent notified, the User sends a complaint to the email to make a complaint and provide evidence related to the incident. The management board commits to respond immediately or within 48 working hours from the time of receipt of the complaint.

3.9.2. In the event that the information server is attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of member’s personal data, CTN Law will be responsible for reporting the case to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notifying to the member.

3.10. Privacy Policy Validity

3.10.1. The User’s provision of his/her personal information at the Website is deemed to be that the User has understood and agreed to all the terms of this Privacy Policy.

3.10.2. This Privacy Policy is effective and is validly binding to the User and CTN Law since the User provides the User’s personal information on the Website.


  1. Applicable law

All disputes related to the content of the Terms of Use mentioned above will be resolved by the parties through negotiation. In case the negotiation fails, the parties have the right to ask the competent court of Vietnam to settle, the applicable law to settle this case is the law of Vietnam. CTN Law will be exempt from liability if disputes arise in the cases specified in the above Disclaimer section.

  1. CTN Law contact information

If there are any questions or any problems directly or indirectly related to the above provisions, please contact CTN Law according to the information below for advice and timely answers:



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