CTN LAW ensures to provide Clients with a full range of necessary legal services related to their business operations and investment, and our advantage is our ability to support Clients at all stages – whenever Clients need us. With their extensive experience CTN LAW lawyers have knowledge and overview of Vietnamese law to foresee difficulties before they actually happen and propose suitable solutions for Clients.

Clients can find our strong expertise with the below areas. However, we do not stop serving there only. With our care and experience, we understand that the needs of our Clients are diverse and ever-changing, therefore, we continuously improve and are always ready to grow to help Clients solve any legal difficulties and problems.

1. Legal procedures for Enterprises

Legal procedures

For Enterprises

CTN Law provides Clients with consulting, support and representative services to carry out legal procedures for Enterprises quickly, effectively and professionally, including the following typical services:

  • Establishing the enterprises.
  • Changing the content of business registration (change the company name, business lines, head office address, member/shareholder of the company, etc.).
  • Changing the legal representative of the enterprise.
  • Changing the owner of one member company limited.
  • Changing the form of enterprise.
  • Spliting the enterprises.
  • Consolidating, merging the enterprises.
  • Carrying out the procedures for registering the operation of branches/ representative offices/business locations.
  • Carrying out the procedures for changing the operation contents of branches/representative offices/business locations.
  • Carrying out the procedures for registering the temporary suspension of business operation.
  • Carrying out the procedures for registering operation before the expiry date of the temporary suspension duration.
  • Carrying out the procedures for the business dissolution.
2. Legal procedures for Investor

Legal procedures

For Investor

CTN Law provides domestic and foreign investors with useful legal advice on business investment fields in Vietnam. At the same time, CTN Law also serves as an authorized representative of the Investors to carry out licensing procedures for investment projects in Vietnam and investment projects from Vietnam to abroad quickly and effectively with the typical following services:

  • Procedures for applying for the investment policy decisions of the National Assembly/Prime Minister/Provincial People’s Committee.
  • Procedures for applying for the investment registration certificates in case projects must have investment policy decisions from the National Assembly/Prime Minister/Provincial People’s Committee.
  • Procedures for applying for the investment registration certificate in case project does not need to have the investment policy decision.
  • Procedures for adjusting the investment registration certificates in case project must have investment policy decision from the National Assembly/Prime Minister/Provincial People’s Committee.
  • Procedures for adjusting the investment registration certificate in case project does not need to have the investment policy decision.
  • Procedures for transferring the investment projects.
  • Procedures for adjusting the investment projects in case of division/merger/conversion of economic organizations.
  • Procedures for adjusting the investment projects according to the judgments or decisions of the court or arbitration.
  • Procedures for prolonging the progress of investment projects.
  • Procedures for the temporary suspension of investment projects.
  • Procedures for the termination of operation of investment projects.
  • Procedures for establishing the operating offices of foreign investors in business corporation contracts (BCC).
  • Procedure for terminating the operating offices of the foreign investors’ office in the BCC.
  • Procedures for issuing the certificates of investment registration for projects operating under the investment licenses, investment certificates or other equivalent legal validity documents.
  • Procedures for ensuring investment in case of not continuing to apply the investment incentives.
  • Procedures for capital contribution to purchase shares to Vietnamese enterprises/ economic organizations of foreign investors.
  • Procedures for obtaining decisions from the Prime Minister on the issuance of investment policy decision to foreign countries.
  • Procedures for applying for the investment registration certificate to invest in the foreign countries.
  • Procedures for adjusting the certificate of investment registration to invest in the foreign countries.
  • Procedures for terminating investment projects in the foreign countries.
3. Legal procedures for oversea Vietnamese and Foreigners

Legal procedures

For oversea Vietnamese and Foreigners

CTN Law provides clients who are overseas Vietnamese and foreigners living and working in Vietnam with services of consulting, support and representation in implementing legal procedures quickly, effectively, includes the following services:

  • Procedures for obtaining work permits for foreigners.
  • Procedures for obtaining temporary residence cards for foreigners.
  • Carrying out visa application procedures for foreigners.
  • Carrying out visa application procedures for foreign investors.
  • Procedures for re-issuing temporary residence card due to loss/damage.
  • Procedures for re-issuing of work permits.
  • Procedures for extension of work permit.
  • Providing legal advice and performing procedures for foreigners on buying/renting houses in Vietnam.
  • Procedures for adopting Vietnamese children by foreigners.
  • Service of changing driver’s license for foreigners.
4. Legal procedures for applying for permits to operate in the conditional business lines

Legal procedures

For applying for permits to operate in the conditional business lines

Regarding legal procedures, CTN Law provides Clients with services of consulting, support and representation to perform legal procedures for obtaining licenses in order to operate conditional business lines quickly, effectively as follows:

  • Establishment and operation license of banks, branches and representative offices of foreign banks in Vietnam.
  • Domestic/international travel business license.
  • License to operate foreign language center (computing).
  • Decision to establish preschool/kindergarten.
  • Minutes of eligibility for Fire Prevention and Fighting.
  • Certificate of satisfaction of safe security.
  • Notification of operation of real estate trading floor.
  • License to open a representative office in a foreign country.
  • License for promotions.
  • Certificate of satisfaction of food safety and hygiene conditions.
  • Certificate of qualified clinic. (Business of polyclinics, special clinics).
  • License for advertising.
  • License for vocational training.
  • Certificate of product standard announcement (after obtaining the certificate of food safety and hygiene).
  • Certificate of product standard.
  • Certificate of imported product standards.
  • Trading license to purchase and sell goods and activities directly related to the purchase and sale of goods.
  • Registering the circulation of products (cosmetics, food).
  • Registering a franchise operation.
  • Cosmetic circulation license.
  • Chemical business eligibility license.
  • Certificate of eligibility for veterinary medicine business.
  • Import permit (import of medical equipment).
  • Tobacco wholesale / retail license.
  • Alcohol wholesale / retail license.
  • Registering product barcodes.
5. Consulting business activities


Business Activities

CTN Law provides legal consulting services related to the enterprises’ structure and organization in order to minimize risks and ensure the enterprises’ operations really effectively and sustainably as follows:

  • Consulting the establishment and operation of the enterprises, branches, representative offices and business locations.
  • Advising on activities related to the purchase and sale of shares of the shareholders; financial investment activities (capital contribution, share purchase) of the clients at other enterprises.
  • Consulting to build organizational models and corporate management.
  • Advising on stock issuance, anti-dilution and control modes of business management and administration.
  • Consulting the enterprises, hold meetings of the Shareholders’ Meeting, Board of Management of joint stock companies; Board of Member’s meeting for limited companies.
  • Consulting the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) procedures for the enterprises or projects.
  • Providing legal advice in the case there are conflict problems among owners or implementing the corporate development strategies or business restructuring: split or consolidation or merger.
  • Consulting to change the form of operation of the enterprises.
  • Consulting the dissolution of the enterprises (consultancy on dissolution conditions, procedures for liquidation of assets, tax finalization upon dissolution of enterprises).
  • Consulting the business conditions of the enterprises.
  • Providing legal review of structure, organization and operation through the drafting, modification of documents issued by the board of management of enterprises.
  • Consulting and guiding to check the compliance with the law, the report and the disclosure of legal documents and internal documents issued by the enterprises.
  • Consulting and providing services to consolidate legal documents of the enterprises (business registration, tax, labor …) to avoid legal risks from inspection and audit organizations.
  • Warning about the legal risks in the corporate management as well as the business operations.
6. Labor law consulting


Labor law

CTN Law provides legal advice related to labor law and offers solutions to labor and employment issues that affect efficiency and productivity in the working environment of Enterprises as follows:

  • Advising on the structure, main contents of the collective labor agreement, labor rules and regulations of the enterprises with adjustments appropriate to their business activities and organizational structure.
  • Drafting the collective labor agreement, rules and regulations of the enterprises.
  • Advising on legal issues related to labor in Vietnam, such as labor contracts, wages and allowances, probation, labor policy, termination and compensation. Analyzing and advising key terms of the labor contract, including personal income tax, rights and obligations, disputes.
  • Drafting the labor contracts and related agreements.
  • Advising on the procedures and conditions for termination of labor contract or dismissal; representing the enterprises to negotiate issues related to termination of labor contract or dismissal.
  • Advising on compensation, severance pay, job loss, unemployment and other allowances related to the termination of the labor contract.
  • Consulting the settlement of labor disputes.
  • Representing and protecting legitimate rights and interests of labor dispute resolution businesses at the authorities and/or courts in Vietnam.
7. Consulting contracts, investment cooperation


Contracts, Investment cooperation

In addition to providing legal services related to goods sale and purchase, service provision, and investment in production in the form of direct investment and indirect investment, CTN Law also offers services of handling disputes arising from customers in the business process to ensure maximum legal rights and interests of customers. Specifically:

  • Consulting to choose the investment form; to propose suitable solutions to the investment projects for the clients to choose.
  • Consulting on negotiation, drafting and signing of investment cooperation agreement, transfer of land use rights among investors to implement the projects.
  • Advising on project transfer, leasing projects and other related issues.
  • Consulting, drafting, reviewing and appointing lawyers to participate in negotiating credit contracts, mortgage contracts, mortgage, financial leasing, insurance contracts, loan contracts, project financing.
  • Consulting, drafting and modifying civil/commercial contracts, including trading contracts, product distribution contracts, property lease contracts, agency/service contracts, and other types of contracts, being on behalf of and/or joining with the clients in the negotiation and signing the contracts.
  • Consulting the laws and practices applicable to domestic and foreign trade; commercial intermediary activities in domestic and foreign trade such as agencies, outsourcing, entrustment, international payment operations, international transportation and warehousing, franchising, domestic investment and investment to foreign countries.
  • Consulting on the preparation of documents required by the domestic and international law; on behalf of the client, to work with the competent authorities to obtain the necessary approvals for commercial transactions.
  • Consulting and representing the clients in the process of resolving commercial disputes at the competent Court or Arbitration.
8. Intellectual Property Consulting


Intellectual Property

CTN Law advises, supports and represents Clients to implement legal procedures in the establishment, maintenance and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Vietnam quickly and effectively with the following services:

  • Registering the protection of trademarks and trade names.
  • Registering the amendment, transfer, extension of the certificate of registered trademarks.
  • Registering copyright.
  • Consulting and carrying out transfer/handover copyright procedures.
  • Registering the protection of industrial designs.
  • Registering patents, utility solutions and industrial designs.
  • Registering trademarks, patents, designs, and copyrights overseas.
  • Registering and conducting legal activities related to domain names.
  • Consulting the transferring of the right to use or the ownership of intellectual property objects which were protected in Vietnam.
  • Consulting, drafting contract, registering license contracts, contract for assignment of exclusive protection for trademarks, technology transfer.
  • Carrying out the procedures for the approval, registration of licenses and technology transfer.